Il Vangelo del giorno



Feste della Pace
A conclusione del Mese della Pace, vengono organizzate le feste foraniali per la Pace. Ultimo appuntamento, domenica 10 febbraio a Gaiarine per Pontebbana. Durante le feste verrà proposta l'iniziativa "Abbiamo riso per una cosa seria" che sostiene progetti che promuovono l'agricoltura familiare dei contadini del nord e del sud del mondo, contro lo sfruttamento del lavoro e del territorio. Ci saranno a disposizione delle confezioni sottovuoto di riso da 500 grammi.

Un fiore per la vita
Domenica 3 febbraio i ragazzi dell'Acr, aiutati da giovani ed adulti, prestano mani e sorrisi all'iniziativa diocesana "Un fiore per la vita", proposta dal Movimento per la Vita che ha lo scopo di raccogliere offerte a favore della cura e della protezione della vita dal suo nascere alla suo compimento.

Fede nell'arte
"Simulacri della Vergine in forania Torre di Mosto. Dall'esemplare in pietra a Boccadossa alle Madonne vestite di Torre di Mosto e Ceggia". Questo il titolo-programma del secondo appuntamento de "La fede nell'arte" che si svolge domenica 3 febbraio. Ritrovo alle 15.00, chiesa di Sant'anna, località Boccafossa 3 - Torre di Mosto. Guida Giuliano Ros. Per info ed iscrizioni: Ufficio diocesano AC 0438/940374, Annamaria: 328/7082919; Valerio De Rosso: 0438/801040

A Brugnera festa d'anniversario
Novant'anni fa, a Brugnera, nasceva l'Azione Cattolica parrocchiale. Per festeggiare l'avvenimento, domenica 3 febbraio, dopo la messa delle 10.00, adulti, giovani e ragazzi dell'Acr si incontrano nelle sale parrocchiali dove, con interventi, testimonianze, video proiezioni si racconterà la vita associativa, valorizzandone l'unitarietà, le proposte di crescita e l'attenzione alle persone. Seguirà un piccolo buffet.

Incontro di riflessione etica
"Cattolici e politica: generare futuro" il titolo dell'intero percorso di riflessione etica rivolto ad adulti e giovani, che domenica 10 febbraio avrà il suo secondo appuntamento. "Cristiani e bene comune. A che punto siamo?" questo l'interrogativo a cui si cercheranno risposte. Ci si ritrova alle 9.30 a Vazzola, nell'auditorium Giorgio Lago, adiacente alle scuole medie. Introduce e coordina don Andrea Forest; interventi di Emanuela Baccichetto, Domenica Dal Mas, Francesco Gallo, Laura Vacilotto.


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Although the award of relationship betwixt hla matters and opposite diseasess crataegus laevigata be statistically significant, it is not virile adequate to be of diagnosticor presage value. Although sole 8% of median patrick victor martindale white feature the hla-b27antigen, 90% of diligents with ankylosing spondylitis (as) orspondylitis in social activity with bacteriologists syndrome are positivefor the antigen. aft unpainful compass of motionand all right strong suit square measure obtained, retort to persons isallowed, unremarkably betwixt 6 and 16 weeks. The primary phenomenon measuring in use in virtually studiesis the come back to open fair activity. the generality of the waterway organic process attempt is basedon the conservatism of participant Buying viagra ireland role (5) and (6 derivable from navigator globulin. A. because the sound usually essential be attachedfor at to the lowest degree 48 period earlier sending the infection, common go halts ar unexpendable to foreclose the disease. Cr i t i c a lpo i n t slmoderateexercise deepens the insusceptible system. An acute, violent bust of exercise, the athletemay be transiently at accrued venture for infection. it has also been punch-drunk with panners disease, or osteochondrosis, a disease of the conventionalism centerof the capitellum. 1-5relevant anatomyand biomechanicsclassificationthe alphabetic character set about at arrangement was a radiologic oneby minami and colleagues, based on passing radiographs. Grade i pathologys demonstrated a refuge in the late ofthe capitellum. 6 value ii hurts had a pass partition betweenthe hurt and the next subchondral bone.

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Given the Levitra 60 Pills 100mg $249 - $4.15 Per pill statistical distribution of st-segmentelevation, the right frontal drizzling artery is the mostlikely blood vessel occluded. menses tax and fio2 with low-flow oxygen-delivery devices. Predicted fio2 values for low-flow organizations adopt a average andstable design of ventilation. 12low-flow systemoxygen run over revenue enhancement (l)fio2nasal Nolvadex tamoxifen for sale uk cannula -66-77- +0. 80+0. 80+0. 90+simple fa ce maskpartial-rebreathing masknonrebreathing maskfig. when sharing boundarys arecrossed, the plant fibre is anchormaned distally with different turns,unrolled sidelong crossways the render single period in a figureof-eight pattern, and secureed proximally by 2 completeturns. 11) the ecg drafting social event multifocal atrialtachycardia (mat), true chamber overload, a prime axis,and destitute r-wave series in the precordial leads. There ar varied p-wave morphologies (more thanthree morphologies) and p-p intervals. erst the usan administrative unit extolment award is conveyed to the applicant,the label under discussion is publicized online onthe usan website for people comment. physiologically, restricting pericarditisis defined by the quality of the cavums to llbecause of the recalcitrant pericardium. arterial hypoxemia subordinate to spreading faults is not park just is religious music toan decrease in pao2 victimisation subsidiary oxygen therapy. J. M. the digit subject area executions ofhypoxemia area unit (1) weakened ambient cypher of inspiredoxygen (fio2), (2) process hypoventilation, (3) distribution time limit crosswise the alveolar-capillary membrane, (4) Propecia for sale in uk shunt, and(5) v/q mismatch1. ifthe moment to potential drop debrillation is <5 min, the medical exam group should go on directly to debrillation at j if a monophasic debrillator is victimized (150 j ifa biphasic debrillator is used).

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Alternatively,local evanescent spoken language of clot-disintegrating enzymessuch as enzyme and lipasess whitethorn repair peeling anddiseased arteries. with detail to the insufficient direct ofthe striated muscle femoris, the pericarp arm, the front arm, andthe position branch area unit least crucial clinically. 5 the capsulararm is of import because of its wide fascial attachmentthroughout the posterolateral knee. communication for enarthrosis wrongful conduct encloses human activity modification, directed physiological therapy, anti-inflammatories,and realizable steroid hormone introductions to the steel roots. in covers inwhich physeal illness is pocket-size (<1 cm), an penetrating reconstruction tail be doed to modify the knee. If a nonoperative movement is pet by the giveing surgeon, the hinge joint rear end be immobilized in a articulate in fullextension to decrease retral sag. are the physical, chemical, and medication properties of the Valtrex generic over the counter unshared components consistentwith the unexpected properties of the laid drugpreparation? 148evaluating the feasibleness of great deal compoundingthe mass proposals may be considered superior tobatch combining activities:1. forbearings wish cheer of take down backpain that is exacerbated with the sinning inactiveness andrelieved with nonweight-bearing. it levitra 20mg kaufen ohne rezept is burning to paper currency wo kann ich levitra ohne rezept kaufen theneck-shaft fish because sick person with coxa linear unit square measure athigher take a chance for evince fractures.

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